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Monday, July 6, 2009


I haven't uploaded in over a month. Not good. Let's say I've fallen behind in my epic summer attempt to draw everyday. Failed horribly. School's only a month and a half away, guh! But I'm back in Cbus which means I can scan my stuff with those neato 11x17 scanners on campus again. The past month I was able to save up for a new (but kinda cheapy) Laptop to replace my 3+ year old one. Photoshop works like a dream now, and colors/saturation are so much better on this one. It was definitely getting to the point where I needed a new one anyway. The old computer would shut off on me and not turn back on, harddrive went, there was some problems with the computer that were there from the beginning (like the keyboard locking up) and the harddrive was small (between my music and my photoshop files I ran out of room pretty quickly). The screen was also an incredibly warm yellow color, versus the much more sterile light of the newer computers which is probably why my art's cool/warm balance looked blown out when I took the file to different computers.

I originally had this guy sitting in a field of geyser's but I hadn't planned the composition out beforehand and it was just not working, so I cut the environment and just left this guy. However, I liked that idea of a dragon sitting in a field of geysers so I'll file that away for a slow day. Sorry for such a large file, this thing is really awkwardly shaped, and any smaller loses even more of the detail.

Here's a closer view of some of the cool texture's going on on the scales.

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