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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oomph! Final

I am so happy with how this came out. This was one of those pieces that I wasn't sure if it would pull together. I still have some minor tweaking but I am done with it for now.

I'm a pretty big Oomph! fan. This is a band you have to pay respect to, for spearheading the whole NDH movement.
Quick music history lesson.
First there was KMFDM and Die Krupps in the 80s, who influenced (and along with) Oomph became founders of the new fusion of hard metal music and industrial sounds known as Neue Deutsche Härte. Oomph is heralded as the original and first NDH band. Out of this movement came bands such as Rammstein, Eisbrecher, Megaherz, Emigrate, and countless others though the influence of this music is definitely not felt in Germany alone. Rammstein also coined the word Tanzmetal which is synonymous with NDH.

I love both old and new Oomph. Their old stuff was revolutionary. New stuff, not so much. I’m more partial to the newer videos though. I don’t ever get tired of the concepts, style, themes and stories running through their videos. (Ignoring their rather crappy pointless videos like Gekreutzigt and The Power of Love and Fieber )

Die Schlinge, Das letzte Streichholz, Das Weisse Licht & Supernova are some of my personal faves video wise. Love the concepts in Sandmann. The lyrics coupled with the video are pretty tight.

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